Imani Hands-free Breast Pump 


1 X Funnel(25mm), 1 X Silicone Insert(21mm), 1 X Valve,
1 X Protector, 1 X Cup, 1 X Connector, 1 X Cap

- Sillcone : Funnel, Valve, Protector

- PCT Plastic : Cup, Connector

- PP : Cap

Hands-free set makes handsfree-pumping safe, convenient and easy.

It’s compatible with all imani breast pumps.

Handsfree set of imani allows mothers to get milk without using their hands into a bra.

It’s easy and hygienic to transfer breast milk after pumping.

Handsfree set comes with two accessories, 25mm funnel and 21mm insert.

The cup can hold up to 7oz.

Each 1Set includes

– Cap x 1

– Connector x 1

– Valve x 1

– Protector x 1

– Silicone Insert(21mm) x1

– Cup x 1

– Funnel(25mm) x 1

Imani recommends to replace parts every 3-6months for optimal use.